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I am sorry my friend for not listenning to you.I believe that she is not an enemy,she is my fellow friend.She is always preserving a calm and peaceful mind.She is actually innocent but it seems like I am the only one who believes that she didnt talk behind your back.I would ardently help her and I will make myself useful to my fellow beings.Hope you can understand.

5 Şubat 2011 Cumartesi

Agree or Disagree for frankestien anticipation guide

  1. The key to all emotional healing can be found in nature.=Agree

  1. Nature is filled with harsh cruelties.=Agree

  1. A person’s priorities should place family before work.=Agree

  1. Enjoying life is more important than pursuing fame, glory, and knowledge.=Agree

  1. Those born with social and financial advantages have a responsibility for those who are not.=Agree

  1. Ignorance is bliss.=Agree

  1. The pursuit of knowledge is a volatile quest.=Disagree

  1. Someone’s ego (over-inflated sense of self-worth or superiority) will cause a tragic fall.=Agree

  1. Children learn their behaviors by watching and mimicking adults.=Agree

  1. Most people are basically cruel.=Agree

  1. Society makes a person whatever he becomes.=Agree

  1. The “disenfranchised man,” who finds himself unable to live within society for whatever reason, is someone for whom we should feel sympathy or reverence.=Agree

  1. Rejection and mistreatment can manifest themselves in a person becoming rage-filled.=Agree

  1. If a person or an animal is treated with cruelty, he will respond to others in the same way.=Agree

  1. Those people we deem “monsters” in today’s society are merely misunderstood.=Agree
I agree with “A person’s priorities should place family before work” because family is with you no matter what, you can get fired from your work but your family would still be next to you, it is true that you need work so you can look at your family, get stuff for your family and etc but even though you didn’t have a job your family would still love you and be next to you. Also you can always go and find another job if you get fired or something like that happens but you can’t find people to place your family if something happens to your family, for example: if they die or if they are far away or something like that happens. Don’t forget that in your bad times your work is not the one that tries to help you  but it is your family. If something bad happens to you, your family is the one that will get sad. So you should learn to respect your family and love your family.

I agree with Nature is filled with harsh crueltiesbecause in nature there are a lot of bad things for example: there are earthquakes, tornadoes and lots of other stuff. There is death which makes people really sad and get depressed, every day someone dies and there is nothing anybody can do about it. There are aeroplanes crushing. Natural disasters keep on happening in all over the world. When these things are happening how can a person say that nature is not filled with harsh cruelties?! If someone says such a thing know that it is a lie. There are also the wars that are happening. People dying from being hungry when the other people throw their food away because the food is too much for them to eat but these don’t mean that there are no good things in nature, there are also things that make people happy for example birth of a baby.

14 Ekim 2010 Perşembe

Agree or Disagree for to kill a mocking bird anticipation guide

All individuals standing trial in a court of law deserve to be defended=Agree because in the court everyone is innocent until there is a proof that they are not so to find a proof you have to also listen to their defense.For example: İn the news it says that "Found the murder" is that guy really a murder its not until the court finds the evindence saying it is.Public prosecutor's job is to find all the evidence to show that the individuals standing in trial are criminal but if they can defense theirselves then they might show that they are not ciriminal or if they say that they did they can defense theirselves by saying why they did it and might get a less punishment because if they dont they can get the biggest punishment.So the defense is to make the right choice if the person is ciriminal or not so they wont take the punishment for something they didn't do and also to get less punishments by explaining why they did it and if they have a reasonable explanation then the judge gives them less punishment for example only take money or less time spend in prison.Dont you also agree that the best way to give the punishment is before listening to that person's defense and not being prejudice.

African Americans in the US are a fully integrated sector of the population=Agree because they have been there for a long time and if you live in somewhere for a long time you become a member of them with the way you act and stuff because you live with their culture, you get the same education as them so don't they deserve to be treated as Americans? I vote for yes they do. Think about it if they lived in the country like 250 years or something, if they are still not counted as US citizens then who is going to be counted as US citizen?Before they came as slaves and after because they stayed for too long they became the part of population and where do you think the other US people came from, everyone's family from way before come from different countries.Also think that you are one of them and your family has been there for more then 200 years so you are fully integrated sector of the population but people think you are not is that really fair? Arent u suppose to be fully integrated sector of the population? I say you are because like i said by staying for too long you became a member of them so the way u are is just like them only the way you look is different from them.


27 Eylül 2010 Pazartesi

Agree or Disagree

-Money equates happiness=Depends because you can also be happy without money and not be as much as happy with money but at the same time you need money to buy stuff which will make you happy.

-In romance,good looks and personality will outweigh social class and background=I disagree because for some people it might be true but actually you cannot choose the person you are going to love,your heart chooses but your heart doesnt look that much at outweigh social class and background as it looks at the personality and good look.

15 Eylül 2010 Çarşamba

Work of art

Setting: Moscow
Confuct: Gratitude,Candelabra,Gaudy,İrony,Embarassing

   Sashkin which everyone called Sasha and his father Uhov were in the hospital,in Moscow.
  The room had no electricity at that time,it was only the light that came from candelabra and suddenly a Doctor came in.
    -"How are you today?" Doctor asked.
    -"It's embarassing having this sickness"Sasha said.
    -"He kept on saying that but am very gratitude because he looks like he is better,I believe that soon he is gonna be well again." Uhov said.
    -"Well actually he can leave from hospital tomorrow because he is well enough."Doctor said.
    -"Is this an irony?" Sasha asked.
    -"No! Take a good look at this gaudy room for last time because you will leave from here tomorrow morning."Doctor said and left the room.